Friday, July 6, 2012

Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall Winter 2012-13 collection

Raf Simons highly anticiapted Dior Haute Couture collection finally made its debut in Paris.

As the entire Fashion world held its breath,
For his first haute couture show Raf Simons converted a former museum into a flower paradise. As Christian Dior always loved flowers and gardens, the five rooms used for the show were beautifully covered in One Million Flowers!!!
The rooms were called Salon Dior, Salon Bleu, Salon Jaune, Salon Blanc and Salon Rouge. Whereas the Salon blanc was covered in white orchids only, you could find 24 different kinds of flowers in the Salon Dior.

Raf’s take on couture for Dior was femininity, clean silhouettes and elegance with a modern twist. There was cohesiveness in the collection – something that was lacking during the seasons without a lead creative director. His pieces stayed trued to his signature minimalist designs.

Although this collection echoed pieces from Raf’s work at Jil Sander, he carefully referenced iconic notes from the house of Dior, such as the Bar Jacket, feathers and embroidery.

“I wanted it to be linked to the codes of Dior, but to have more energy,” – Raf Simons

John Galliano was known for has dramatic and beautiful gowns, something Dior will miss, but that is now all history as Raf Simons has illustrated a new vision for Christian Dior.


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