Monday, June 13, 2011

Flower of the Day- Kinda Hibrawi

Kinda Hibrawi is a Syrian- American Painter based in LA.
Born to Syrian parents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and grew up between Bahrain, Beirut and Massachusetts, before moving to Southern California.  
Through her studies she began to expand on the ancient tradition of Arabic Calligraphy by giving it a modern twist. As an Arab American, she felt the need for her artwork to reflect the richness of the Middle East coupled with Western diversity.

Peace Tee 
Love Tee

Beauty Tee

Justice Tee

In 2010 Kinda made her art come to life when she teamed up with the United Nations UNRWA to create the "BUY A TEE, HELP A REFUGEE".
 This original Arabic Calligraphy Tee Collection was designed to promote peace and understanding through the positive message that each shirt represents. By wearing them, you join the movement to help change the world one shirt at a time.  

Proceeds from this collection will support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency's (UNRWA) Adopt a school Program in Gaza.  Adopt a School is an ongoing campaign aimed at overcoming the negative effects on children of prolonged conflict and poverty, and increasing the quality of education at UNRWA schools in Gaza.

The shirt's are American Apparel 100% Sheer Jersey cotton construction. Cap sleeve, boat neck, and with hand thrown sugar crystals in the front, the English translation of the character is on the back.
The Making of the Shirts

Kinda's Next Project will be continuing with the Arabesque shirts and to possibly design scarves and handbags, in collaboration with handbag designer Dareen Hakim.
Can't wait for that!!!

Check out the T- shirts above and for more on the collection & Kinda Hibrawi's Breathtaking Paintings, Click Here!!


  1. Her paintings are truly breathtaking!
    Thank u for introducing me to her amazing Art :)

  2. wow- great find, I Love Peace T-Shirt!!

  3. Thank u so much, I've been on the hunt for a shirt with Arabic writing on it and I think I found IT!!

  4. Arabic calligraphy truly is Art, the sugar crystals adds a nice touch to the shirts
    I hope in her next collection she does poams instead of just 1 word